November 12, 2014

About Us

 “Synchronistory … harmonizing the world in the key of We.”

Synchronistory is an epic and historic television event currently in development; a global “B’earthday” Party for the Planet in a dazzling music-driven celebration about us All – broadcast live worldwide.

From cacophony to symphony, our planet becomes a vibrantly living “Global Selfie” with a worldwide audience that doesn’t just come to an event … 

They become it.

With sizzle and surprise and international stars & locals … with Nature & Human Nature … Sync captivates the global imagination through unimagined creativity, interactivity, gloss and glam. Crossing time zones, politics, cultures and religions Synchronistory is televisionary because we put the human back in Humanity with an interstellar and interactive new storyline that honours our complexity yet harmonises our Unity AND Diversity – simultaneously. Sync will rock the planet while stirring the soul.

Its genesis spans more than thirty years and began in 1987. On the floor of a New York City living room with a map of the world, a perennial question was posed in earnest: who in heaven are we and why on earth are we here? Eleven years later on the floor of the United Nations that question would resound in the form of HANDS AROUND THE WORLD: HUMANITY CELEBRATES THE MILLENNIUM during a world television forum addressing the future of this …

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