November 12, 2014

About Us

Synchronistory is an epic future television event currently in development; a Party for Humanity celebrating our multicultural worldwide history in a live “Global Selfie”. Its genesis spans more than thirty years and began in 1987. On the floor of a New York City living room with a map of the world, a perennial question was posed in earnest: who in heaven are we and why on earth are we here? Eleven years later on the floor of the United Nations that question would resound in the form of HANDS AROUND THE WORLD: HUMANITY CELEBRATES THE MILLENNIUM during a world television forum addressing the future of this upcoming defining moment in history.

All the rhetoric and wisdom of the ages would no longer suffice for such a turning point in time. It merited a revolutionary-evolutionary next step. From conceptuality to actuality. Nothing short of a hands-on event with an unheard of theme (a multicultural celebration of Humanity, broadcast live worldwide) could captivate a global audience’s attention and perhaps instill wonder.

Thus a dazzling hi-concept television program was born. It would capture the majesty of a global home inhabited by billions of intimate strangers struggling to co-exist … and all because of a simple choice they were uniformly denied; to be born. What sounded like a “psy” fi film starring everyone on earth in their unprepared roles of a lifetime was to become a bonafide adventure in reality involving American, British and ultimately French partnerships.

HANDS would become a prototype for transcendent, experiential programming at its most innovative. It would rival the global televised sporting events and awards ceremonies (typifying the competition-driven genre) by expanding an already massive niche market to an even greater niche-less and timeless one.

A man-made celebration of our multi-faceted self. The notion was unprecedented.

Ambassadors, media titans, corporate ceos and celebrity alike read, heard, and affirmed the familiar catch phrase that would become an invitational call to snowball-ing.

“When was the last time you were invited to a party that spanned the globe, was attended by a few billion people, transcended time, culture, politics and religion … and the guest of honor was the entire world population?

Welcome to Hands Around The World:
Humanity Celebrates The Millennium”

HANDS garnered attention and momentum during the fertile pre-millennial years – from the office of BBD&O Worldwide’s CEO, Phil Dusenberry, to the boardroom of the Nobel Committee in Norway, from the White House Millennium Commission under Clinton to Britain’s under Tony Blair. Yet the timing was premature. Following Princess Diana’s death (which galvanized world focus like the first moon walk), there hadn’t yet been a 9/11, nor a War on Terror, nor an Indonesian Tsunami, nor a volcanic ash cloud from Iceland, nor a global economic-environmental-morale crises … not to mention the FaceBook-Twitter generation that changed how we communicate.

These and countless other events bonded the global community in a “catastrophic” way. During these years HANDS hibernated, incubated, germinated and matured as the world became enamored with paradoxical parallels of Crisis-mode & Celebrity, Connection & Disconnection … facilitated by a potent combo of Media and Technology which deepened this trench.

Every generation has its doomsday rumblings. Perhaps ours differs this time because of a fundamental truth; our playing field is vanishing. There are more and more of us. And diminishing, depleting resources. Earth is a global body brutalized by her unconscious offspring who now awaken to revolutionary advances that can offer regeneration, should the choice be exercised unilaterally.

HANDS eventually reemerged with its same fundamental motif now tailored to a more bruised and sober planet, this time incorporating German partnership. Making history in synchronicity …

Humanity’s Global Moment

Thanks to the strides in technology, the very medium that simultaneously connects and disconnects us has now sufficiently paved the runway. A television event honoring everyone everywhere at the same global moment in time is both a viable broadcast reality … and perhaps even moral necessity, as encroaching natural and manmade threats to our survival accelerate.

Civilization is poised for a dynamic shift. Synchronistory encourages this through the creation of a watershed moment … a cultural phenomenon for all time

– by conscious design.

  Alison Goldwyn,
Founder | Creative Director