November 12, 2014

About Us


A world of chaos gone chaUs has lost its North Star.

Nationalism vs. Globalism, Individuality vs. Community, and 8 billion humans of multiple cultures sharing space with multiple other species are now on the brink of going too far.

Home can no longer house a world of Either Or because we are so … much … more.

We are And


So, off we go with that little 3 letter word … a global dysfunctional family of orphaned nations hurtling through Infinity on a tiny spit of land called Earth, all seeking the same ultimate thing; a sense of comfort, purpose, and worth.

You don’t have to be a mindreader to understand that dire desire given our current mind-field of reactivity.

Amidst increasing tech connect & disconnect, fusion & confusion, we’ve forgotten something crucial: Us. We’ve not yet grokked that our global vibe – our global melody – is composed of and depends upon uniquely individual notes to create the planetary harmony.

We may all be One but we are also really different. And that dichotomy has become an anomaly, though it shouldn’t. We need to tweak the tune. Play it differently. Play more consciously. More conscientiously.

We don’t have to love each other. Or even like each other. We just need to figure out how to tolerate each other … to balance our differences respectfully and allow those overlapping notes to create complimentary chords that are part of arrangements, stanzas, refrains and choruses whose overall rhythm is in “Sync” :-). 

We’ve reached an existential crossroads. A struggle like no other. A birth on earth whose “b’earth” contractions are accelerating and intensifying in real time for the very first time – and for which we have precious little time. We need to chill, to change the tempo, to get more lyrical and less cynical … to view the face of our Global Selfie from its “good” side with a global party that rewrites our tired storyline before it writes us Act III finale. 

Synchronistory is a breathtaking future televisionary event; an interstellar “B’earthday” Party for the Planet starring every living being in a dazzling music-driven celebration about us all – broadcast live worldwide.

Cacophony becomes symphony and our planet becomes a vibrantly living “Global Selfie”, pulsing to the vibe of every unique body with a worldwide audience who gets spaced out & tuned in … and who doesn’t just come to an event. They become it.

From sizzle and soul to international luminaries & locals …

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