November 12, 2014

Alison Goldwyn

Leadership needs our Healer-ship to buoy this fragile Citizenship.

Synchronistory; a musiCall to Action, Interaction, and Inner Action … harmonising the world in the Key of We.


Synchronistory is a music-propelled, interstellar, globally broadcast “B’earthday Party” for the Planet celebrating every living being – a live Global Selfie – and the brainchild of Alison Goldwyn, a native New Yorker with a background in music, psychology, and marketing the imagination.

Alison was a music prodigy as a child but her attention veered from the performing arts toward a penetrating curiosity about her homeland – Planet Earth. Prior to her expedition into this anthropological wonderland she attended Syracuse University where her studies included marketing and communications before ultimately shifting to writing. This led to her production work on independent film and TV projects for the U.S. and overseas markets – among them, with a young filmmaker earmarked for success, Academy Award winning director Juan Jose Campanella.

In 1992 Alison joined The Alimar Group, Inc., a marketing management company whose clients included The Hearst Corporation and The Financial Times of London. With a penchant for travel she relocated to London in 1994 before settling in Paris where she studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. Subsequently she worked as a Personal LifeStylist incorporating psychology, fashion, and the arts into a consulting practice for business professionals.

From there opportunity knocked, bringing her to Istanbul in 1995 to film the pilot for a Reality TV series she developed for Turkish television. “Bana iyi bir şey söyle” (Tell Me Something Good) was a half hour weekly news format devoted exclusively to good news in and around local communities. The Networks’ responses were enthusiastic and unanimous; great idea but there’s no good news in Turkey so try another country. Yet one door closed as another opened. Alison befriended a Turkish entrepreneur who believed otherwise, and with his own avant garde dreams.

Together they mounted the rudimentary phase of her longstanding vision which she originally conceived in 1987; to create a music-inspired global event that would celebrate and connect everyone on earth during a live, 3 hour simulcast. By 1996 she was on her way … first partnering with David Niven Jr. and a U.N. driven millennium endeavor before shifting to the Paris based media group where she remained thereafter. Hence, the first incarnation of what would become Synchronistory – initially as a global millennium event.

In Norway a marveled Nobel Committee awarded Alison and her French partner chocolate Nobel Prizes for their compelling proposal; that Humanity itself be recipient of the year 2000 Nobel Peace Prize. Not that Humanity deserved it, but by raising the bar Humanity might be inspired to grow into its lofty shoes. Her partner subsequently ate his prize. Hers is enshrined under glass.

Since then she has circumnavigated the global mindset, further chiseling and refining this televisionary concept to reveal the definitive inspirational vehicle it now is … this time, also accompanied by her German partners.

Alison’s passion is exploring the byways of human nature with an inquisitive cultural eye – be it the inner realms of the psyche or the outer reaches of the universe. Her soulful connection to music enriches this journey. Her great hope is to usher in a modern day Renaissance; inspiring Individuals and Industry worldwide to live more consciously, conscientiously, and authentically by creating a dynamic entertainment context that sparks their imagination through enlightened education-entertainment. Edutainment.

In that respect, Synchronistory is like a musical midwife, championing birth on earth (the “b’earth” contractions of which are accelerating and intensifying) and the fundamental need to radically transcend the art of living to the heart of living in all its challenges …

How to Be a Human.

Additionally, Alison writes about Sync for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global … is a Climate Alchemist and Affiliate of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, two time Nobel Nominee Professor Ervin Laszlo’s Club of BudapestInstitute for New Paradigm Research , John Bunzl’s global governance platform Simpol , and has launched a global brand indirectly linked to Sync which tangibly illuminates our forgotten love story between Nature & Human Nature with conscious jewels for a precious world: J’aimestones® fine art jewellery (also see Sync’s emotional Climate Change webpage).

Synchronistory represents Alison’s signature venture on the global media frontier. Producing the Source of Wonder global livestream event during COVID was one such footstep toward event(ual) Sync-ing a fragile world in desperate need of Uplift.

With a company base in Europe she is writing a book about her “odd-yssey” with all the pathos and humour of the global know-mad she’s becoming.

November 12, 2014

Alison Goldwyn

Founder / Creative Director