September 4, 2013

Angel Network Old

We’re building an Ark. And we’re seeking global “Ark” itechts to launch this cultural phenomenon. It’s not Live Aid, Farm Aid, Band Aid or any other “aid” we’ve previously known. This time it’s about us all.

This time it’s about Global Warming — of the human heart.

If you have broad vision, deep philanthropic pockets and substantial, credible connections on the global playing field — or if you have a large online following in your particular field of endeavour — please contact us for more detailed info.

If you are the public-at-large, please spread the word. Let Synchronistory become a luminous bridge that crosses the international divide. It’s your event; the bigger the global groundswell the broader the media coverage … and the greater the ultimate outcome.


Welcome to your world.

Welcome to your living “Global Selfie”.

Let’s make history, let’s go viral.

The Ark &
The "Ark" itechts

September 21, 2013

your endorsement or endowment

A-list Celebrities, Media/Social Media Tycoons, Captains of Industry, Spiritual Titans, Leaders of Countries, Global Philanthropists and any sincere individuals with bonafide connections to such … to mount
an epic event for all time.

Your donation

June 6, 2014

money is an essential tool for living which has been misunderstood and misused.
money is energy, in form. inform your self to use it with care.
it can burn bridges or move mountains. the choice is ours.
your donation will help us move this mountain.
we value your support.