April 17, 2015

Nature … Human Nature

  • heat … of anger
  • flood … of tears
  • stormy … discussions
  • blizzard … of emotions
  • frozen … with terror
  • thirst … for life
  • starving … for love
  • melting … the heart
  • winds … of change

To save the eco-system we need to change the ego-system – because it’s about more than just the weather. It´s about whether or not we work together to change our Emotional climate.

Nature … Human Nature … Home …
It´s the Planet we live on and the Person we live within.

SYNC BIG! Planet Person


Hi Planet Person: Global Warming just got warmer. Synchronistory is proud to announce our Affiliated Partner status with Live Earth.

There are two core challenges facing our planet; The Environment … and EnvironMental Health. If one suffers so does the other because you can’t feel good about something else if you don’t feel good within yourself.

We want you to feel good – about both.

Sync is a future televisionary event related to that “other” Global Warming;
of our hearts.  And it’s powered by us. The power of our hearts.

We’re warming up to our event by honouring theirs … because when it comes to Climate Change we’re all cliMates®. Let’s make Live Earth Road to Paris a road to Pairs. After all, we’re all in this together.



The Road to Paris is about a Road to Pairs.
It’s about Reflection. Connection. And Action.

Let’s open our hearts to “Love Song to the Earth” … and our ears to “Soul-our Power”.

Let’s put the human back in Humanity, one heartfelt note at a time.


Love Song to the Earth


Change the
Emotional Climate

Soul-our Power (preview)

From the Me Generation to the
Re Generation … renewable
energy starts with ours.


This December, world leaders will meet in Paris to determine the future of our planet. We’re uniting voices around the world to deliver one simple message: Take Climate Action Now. Zero global warming pollution. Zero extreme poverty. Join us in demanding that world leaders sign a strong agreement at the Paris climate negotiations in December.24hoursofreality.org

Nature & Human Nature …
Sync is proud to partner with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project in helping to illuminate this forgotten love story and usher in a world of environMental change.

"Horizon" courtesy of evakeretic.com

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Synchronistory is more than an event experience. It's a way of thinking and being. It's about harmony; within oneself and the world. It's about individuality; within our global community. It's about the symphony of Nature & Human Nature and illuminating the precious Earth which both births and lends meaning to our forgotten love story.

Synchronistory celebrates the interplay of our vast and varied planet with J’aimestones fine art jewellery ®, reminding us that the elements in our terrestrial realm nourish that of our spiritual realm and vice versa.

We're connected ... to each other and to our dazzling earth. Being good to Nature is good for Human Nature.