September 4, 2013

Birth on Earth:
The B’earth Foundation

How to grow a tree? Water it. How to grow a human? Nurture it.

We need a global B’earthday Party.

Synchronistory is just that … engaging Planet Person in a moment of world connection and reflection through music-driven dazzling celebration.

Yet each Planet Person is a world unto themselves, filled with yearnings and confusion about their complex inner nature. Most of us will never seek self-understanding beyond surviving our day to day life. But what confounds our Human Nature at its core often results in war – with others and within ourselves … and then recklessly-carelessly against our innocent bystander; Nature.

Nature & Human Nature … this is our forgotten love story.

The B’earth Foundation is a newfound charity with a uniquely imperative focus; helping humans learn how to be within a society, within a community, within a family and most importantly, within their Self.

We are born without conscious choice or a User Manual. Our schools teach us history and the applied sciences so we can learn how to excel without a clue how to be. We grow up by trial and ample error in order to survive our “life sentence” — with little personal understanding of what a life is or means. As if on autopilot we continue this mis-adventure of life with less comprehension about it than our very laptops, cars or mobile devices.

We are instinctive yet thinking beings often using the lesser of our thinking faculties to grow ourselves, our offspring and our communities. Even with the best of intentions, the blind often lead the blind.

Weapons don’t teach us how to handle fear and frustration. Wealth doesn’t teach us empathy. Degrees from the finest institutions don’t teach us leadership skills — how to lead ourselves, much less entire nations, with respect and care. As long as life is left to chance — the chance of being raised in a sane and loving home … the chance encounter with a sane and loving mentor — we’re gamblers addicted to a losing game.

Toxic thoughts produce toxic societies produce toxic leaders produce toxic laws produce toxic evolution produce global economic, environmental and emotional crises. The outer mess reflects the inner. Every road that’s built, every legislation that’s passed, every crop that grows and child that’s birthed is an outgrowth and expression of its source.

How to rebuild an effective society if the source materials are defective — our minds?

The treadmill thus continues and cycles repeat — until a radical and conscious shift occurs and we do what has never been done in the history of civilization; take a collective, reflective pause.

Birth doesn’t end when life begins. It is an ongoing revelation for as long as we’re alive. The B’earth Foundation believes Existence needs Assistance. Synchronistory is a hopeful B’earth mother.


Many charities. Many needs. One hunger — which they all must feed: The Human Condition.

No one is immune.

Yet the underlying cause of so many maladies still exists and eludes us like a transparent secret; alienation from Other – and Self. This phenomenon prompts physiological imbalance … which compromises the immune system … which collaborates with other diminished immune systems to spread virus and disease worldwide.

Now there is a charity that speaks to our core, addressing the source of much of our ills and fortifying the seeds for change; The B’earth Foundation, an ambitious and essential endeavor.

The B’earth Foundation’s aim is to establish centers on every continent which provide education, outreach programs and innovative events (such as Synchronistory) that encourage and assist anyone on earth in need of coping skills for our multi-faceted and sometimes daunting human experience — from birth to conclusion.

From upper management, to lower classes, to children, elderly and celebrity alike, we are unprepared and ill-equipped for the many surprises of a lifetime. If we’re lucky enough to receive an education it’s often outwardly focused. However helping human beings to cultivate well-being and navigate their life, from the “insight out”, is not only an education but an art and necessity … a defining act of kindness for a civilization borne of trauma.

There is a worldwide hunger for help.

The menu is available.

It serves us all.

*please note: The B’earth Foundation is a newfound charity whose tax status is pending and is therefore unable to offer a tax deduction for your thoughtful donation at this time.

The Charitree:
a branch on every continent

September 21, 2013

There’s a hole in the world.
It affects us all.
It’s called Mankindness.
And it begs to be filled.

It’s not about Cancer, Aids, Heart Disease or Hunger…
It’s not about Alzheimer’s, Poverty, Homelessness or Water…

It’s about more than the sum of our fractured parts.

It’s about Nature. Human Nature.
It’s about Peace. Of Mind.

It’s about Birth on Earth.

It’s about time.

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November 7, 2013

The B’earth Foundation is a non-profit organization in its upstart phase.
To that end we welcome any interest and involvement from legitimate sources who can help it expand globally.