Synchronistory – Humanity´s Global Moment

September 21, 2013

Benefit for Mankind …

an event for all time:

Sync is a living “Global Selfie”; a three hour global Culture Concert honouring the entire human race in a glorious celebration of civilisation, from past to present … broadcast live worldwide from simultaneous event sites.

Gewinn für die Menschheit …

ein Event für die Ewigkeit:

Ein (dreistündiges) Konzert der Kulturen, zur Ehre der gesamten Menschheit, ein grandioses Fest der Zivilisation, von der Vergangenheit bis zur Gegenwart … weltweit live und zeitgleich von mehreren Standorten ausgestrahlt.

Bénéfice Pour L’humanité …

un événement pour l’éternité:

Un Culture Concert de 3 heures qui honore la totalité de la Race Humaine dans une célébration des civilisations glorieuses et majestueuses, du passé au présent … diffusé en direct mondialement dans des lieux simultanés.

Benefico per L’umanità;

un evento per ogni tempo …

Un concerto culturale globale, di tre ore, che onora l’intera razza umana, in una gloriosa celebrazione della civiltà. dal passato al presente … trasmesso in diretta mondiale da diversi posti simultaneamente.

Benificios Para La Humanidad …

un evento para todo los tiempos:

Un Concierto Cultural global de 3 horas honrando la entera raza humana en una gloriosa celebración de civilización del pasado al presente … transmitido en vivo mundialmente desde sitios de eventos simultaneos.

Beneficio para a raça human …

Um evento para todo o tempo:

Tres horas de um Concerto Cultural global comemorando toda a raça humana, em uma gloriosa celebração da civilização, do passado ao presente … reportados ao vivo no mundo inteiro, simultaneamente em eventos em locais diferentes.

Benefit for Mankind …

an event for all time:

En 3 timmars global kultur Konsert för att hedra den mänskliga rasen i en härlig hyllning till civilisationen, från forntid till nutid … Sänds live samtidigt från ett flertal platser runt om i världen.

Benefiet voor de Mensheid …

een evenement voor alle tijden:

Een 3 uur durende globale Culturele Happening ter ere van ons menselijk ras. Een prachtige viering van onze planetaire samenleving en maatschappij, van verleden tot heden … wereldwijd uitgezonden, simultaan vanuit verschillende locaties.

Благотворительное мероприятие для всего человечества …

Величайшее событие всех времен:

3-х часовое культурное мероприятие, Всемирный Концерт, посвященный человеческому роду; празднование развития цивилизации с далекого прошлого и до наших дней … Прямая трансляция по всему миру и из любой точки планеты.

為人類福祉而唱 …



درآمد برای انسانیت، برنامه ای ماندنی

در یک کنسرت سه ساعته ما تمدنها و فرهنگهای ماندنی ملتها ی جهان را در گذشته و حال جشن می گیریم. این برنامه همزمان در مکانهای مختلف به صورت زنده پخش خواهد شد.


September 4, 2013

The world of Sports has its events, like The Olympics. The world of Entertainment has its events, like The Academy Awards. The world of Crisis & Causes has its Relief efforts and Charity events. So what in the world is missing?


We need an event that belongs to us all … from the bushman to the business(wo)man and beyond … where we don’t have to win anything or lose anything to be worthy of something … where just being uniquely Us is enough this time.

At the same time. Award shows are fine. But now a worldwide Reward Show is near its time. Giving to the Global Body in a vast, powerfully loving gesture, is akin to mirroring – like the ultimate parent figure adoring its newborn … and something we’ve never collectively known before.

© 2015: alisonic media / Synchronistory GmbH & Co. KG

In the coming years Europe will become the first of seven continents to make history as part of a stunning continental cooperative; not because of a discovery, war, or natural disaster … no competitions, awards, or relief efforts.

For the first time ever the continental cousins will join together in an epic, interstellar event-experience that captures the eloquence and majesty of us all; a music-propelled “B’earthday” Party for the Planet celebrating our multidimensional global history and every living being – broadcast live worldwide.

Featuring a universal “wow” theme, dazzling visuals, unique performances from a stellar group of international and local luminaries, audience interactivity, and a thrilling global moment we’ll never forget … Synchronistory helps us get spaced out & tuned in with a phenomenon of stirring emotional texture and visual splendour – of sizzle & soul.

Historic. Spellbinding. Loving. Live.

This time it’s about Humanity in sanity.
This time it’s about every being, in a worldwide morale boost.
This time it’s about Global Warming; of the human heart.


Seven billion years ago the earth was born,
its destiny crafted by a constant barrage of meteors within an explosive universe …
and by the exacting hands of a Divine Energy.

Several hundred million years later,
amidst a toxic torrent of molten volcanic lakes,
oxygen was born giving life to colonies of ancient bacteria
that would – 400 million years thereafter –
give rise to the very first continent; Rodinea.

Today there remain seven, from the loss of an eighth – borne of one.
And within that continental ride has emerged
another torrent of thrashing matter struggling to co-exist; Mankind.

The blueprint for life on earth has been coated in turbulence.
This is about to change …

launch date
to be announced


September 21, 2013

To reboost the health of an ailing organism –  the global psyche – in an innovative, inspiring way;
by conscious design.

This is the spiritual thrust. Entertainment is the vehicle. The great hope; to ignite a worldwide creative renaissance that revives industry and encourages thriving, flourishing economies by reimagining the collective conscious … and averting As Above So Below by applying that consciousness as we further venture into stellar landscapes of a boundless Cosmos beyond.