November 12, 2014

The Mission

To vivify our unity while underscoring our diversity … To put the human back in Humanity.

Humanity in sanity is a strong brand worth fighting for and Synchronistory is its live “Global Selfie”; an epic television event of the future. Its intention is to create a globally simulcast celebration of our multicultural face throughout time, in a Party for Humanity, to benefit the Planet – a music-fashion inspired “wow” event about us all, birthed from creativity not catastrophe. A stunning educational-entertainment experience (“edutainment”) about who on earth we all are, and of such vast scope, might awe us by the very doing and in so doing inspire change (economic, environmental, social and political) borne of conscious thought, unimagined possibility and conscientious action.

Uprooting humanity from its rut … jumpstarting a global psyche … rebooting and rewiring a faulty mindset with uplifting programming that induces caring behavior by the billions is a mighty vision. Mankind has been beneficiary to an imperfect legacy in which “doing life” is passed down en masse by equally unaware predecessors. Through no fault of our own, eons of compounded misperception have created a confused global culture now at critical juncture.

How to pivot an entire civilization on its healthy axis? More natural disasters? Manmade ones? Disaster has been the impetus behind virtually all great world shifts. Yet the wisdom of the ages professes otherwise, its murmur ever-obscured by Modernity. As of 2015:

  • There are 7.1 billion people worldwide (33% Christian, 23% Muslim, 13% Hindu, 7% Buddhist, .35% Sikh, .22% Jewish, 12% atheists or agnostic, remaining % other religions)
  • There are 7100 languages worldwide (2300 in Asia, 2150 in Africa, 1300 in the Pacific, 1060 in the Americas, 280 in Europe, 50 languages spoken by only one person, and isolated communities like Papua New Guinea with multiple tongues – 836)
  • 42% of the world population is below 24 years old
  • 80% of the world population lives on less than $10 per day and more than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty (less than $1.25 per day)
  • 1.6 billion people live without electricity
  • 1 billion+ people live without clean drinking water
  • 870 million people haven’t enough food to eat
  • 775 million people are illiterate

With 4.3 births and 1.8 deaths every second, our diverse and complex global village is still swelling and the implications are distressing.

How to speak to such a demographic? How to impress upon all an emphatic communal call – in a lingo that stirs everyone’s respective cores?

Synchronistory’s unique multicultural voice offers an interactive, dynamic footpath.

One day history might no longer repeat itself due to catastrophes that so eclipse our ability – or the planet’s – to rebound. With no assurances our world will endure – nor even should – we can at least enhance our experience of life for that indefinite duration by reacting … with a resource we’ve under valued and underutilized like air and water itself. Creativity. The skill and the will to reinvent ourselves is available to us, now. And not by default, by conscious design.

Growing an individual or a nation is one and the same. Polluting the planet with toxins or toxic thinking is as well. Climate change isn’t exclusively about air and water. It’s about our emotional climate, multiplied by everyone. Earth is a living organism. Humans are living organisms within that larger body, at the affect of each other. The benefits of a grand gesture that reaches the populous becomes a potential and welcome tipping point.

The intention behind Synchronistory’s glossy, commercial veneer is akin to global triage. The hope is to foster conditions that grow a self-generating habit called Self-Worth which extends outward to societies at large. To that end Sync is ambitious healer assisting in “open heart” surgery via a provocative entertainment first –

A Global Warming event; of the human heart.

Synchronistory … honoring everyone everywhere for one global moment in time.


The Charity

The great need:
a charity devoted to growing that collective conscious into a world of healthy human beings – from the roots up.

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