November 12, 2014

The Mission

To vivify our Unity while underscoring our Diversity 

To put the human back in Humanity & harmonise the World in the key of We

Humanity in sanity is a strong brand worth fighting for and Synchronistory is its living “Global Selfie”; an epic televisionary event of the future. Its intention is to create a celebration of our multifaceted worldwide history in an interstellar “B’earthday” Party for Humanity to honour the Planet and celebrate every living being – broadcast live worldwide. 

An interactive music-inspired “wow” event about us all, birthed from creativity not catastrophe, becomes a stunning and otherworldly “edutainment” experience (educational-entertainment ) about who in heaven we all are, why on earth we’re here – and who we want to become.

Its vast scope might awe us by the very doing and in so doing inspire change (economic, environmental, social and political) borne of …

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