November 12, 2014

Yasuyuki Nemoto

Japanese native Yasuyuki Nemoto received a Doctor of Science in Cellular & Molecular Biology from the University of Tokyo in 1988. After working for several universities in Japan, Miami and Honolulu in the fields of biology and biotechnology, he began his longstanding association with the late Dr. Masaru Emoto in 2002, as his international secretary. Since then he has travelled the world with Dr. Emoto on lecture tours spanning more than 25 different countries over 13 years.

In July of 2002 he and Dr. Emoto began a unique project born of love; to “send love and thanks to water”. Since then it has blossomed into an annual international event; “Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water”. With outstretched arms from the Sea of Galilee in Israel, to Bongert Place in Liechtenstein, to Lake Biwa in Japan and Lake Baikal in Russia … peoples’ participation both locally and online are growing a newfound relationship to water, to each other, and to the impact of thoughts themselves upon our internal and external conditions. Considering that approximately 65 % of our bodies are water, it would correlate that our relationship to this essential matter is akin to our relationship with self and others.

Dr. Nemoto presides over the scientific facet of Dr. Emoto’s work, fulfilling a lifelong theme of integrating science and spirituality through the study of water. Most recently he has begun a series of seminars which detail the possible relationship between “Messages from Water” and the scientific theories about water proposed by the late Dr. Jacques Benveniste, as well as Dr. Gerald Pollack and Dr. Luc Montagnier.

Dr. Nemoto is currently Director of IHM General Institute and Manager of the Executive Office of IHM.

As well, a friend of Synchronistory.

November 12, 2014

Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto