November 12, 2014

The Mission

To vivify our Unity while underscoring our Diversity 

To put the human back in Humanity & harmonise the World in the key of We

Humanity in sanity is a strong brand worth fighting for and Synchronistory is its living “Global Selfie”; an epic televisionary event of the future. Its intention is to create a celebration of our multifaceted worldwide history in an interstellar “B’earthday” Party for Humanity to honour the Planet and celebrate every living being – broadcast live worldwide. 

Getting spaced out & tuned in, with an interactive music-inspired “wow” event about us all, birthed from creativity not catastrophe, becomes a stunning and otherworldly “edutainment” experience (educational-entertainment ) about who in heaven we all are, why on earth we’re here – and who or what we want to become.

Its vast scope might awe us by the very doing and in so doing inspire change (economic, environmental, social and political) borne of …

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